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So it’s that time of year… A few weeks after Christmas, and the dust has settled. Some new clothes in your dresser, maybe some new books and DVDs on your shelf, and a handful of items destined for a box in the closet.

This year I’ve found there’s been one gift I’ve used just about every day since I got it. Sarah got me an Aerobie AeroPress coffee maker, and it has quickly become part of my daily routine. It makes a fantastic cup of coffee (I know it claims to make espresso, but the pressures really aren’t high enough… it’s just really good, strong coffee).

Here are some things I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten to know my AeroPress:

The grind is very important. I use a Capresso Burr Grinder, which gives me a very consistent grind. I have it set just above the finest setting it will do. The other handy thing about this grinder is that the numbers on the timer happen to coincide well with the amount of coffee needed for the AeroPress.

The other very important thing is water temperature. The manufacturer recommends 175 degrees, and after some experimentation, I have to agree with them. Much cooler than that and the extraction isn’t as good… much hotter and it starts to extract a noticeable amount of bitterness. I have a standard tea kettle and a milk steaming thermometer that fits well in the neck of the kettle. I put the kettle on the (electric) stove until the thermometer reads 160. At that point I turn the stove off and the water will coast up to 175 while I prepare the grounds.

After that, I just follow the instructions that came with the AeroPress… Grounds go in, water goes in, stir for a few seconds, then slowly press down with the plunger. Once the coffee is brewed, I top the cup off with hot water to taste (I find I end up doubling the amount of liquid in the cup) and enjoy a great cup of coffee/americano (I haven’t quite decided what I should call it yet…).

Cleanup is extremely easy… Just take the plastic filter holder off the bottom, use the plunger to press the compacted grounds into the trash, and give everything a quick rinse. The whole cleanup process takes maybe 10 seconds.

So, with all that being said… I would heartily recommend the AeroPress to anyone who is looking for a great coffee experience. It has made it almost too easy for me to make good coffee.


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